Monthly Screenings
Monday | 24.02.20 to Monday | 31.12.29

Come dance on stage and sing together with the on goings on the screen in an unforgettable experience that combines film, show, and audience participation. All costumes are welcomed.

Janet and Brad are stranded in an isolated castle full of weirdoes.... An outrageous and kinky horror film which is considered the biggest cult movie of all time.

Monday | 24.02.20 to Monday | 25.02.30

An evening in memory of the Cinematheque’s founder, Lia van Leer, with special friends and a film she would have loved. Opening remarks (in Heb.): Michel Kichka.

Sophia is an unemployed academic and unlucky in love woman living with her brother. But when he meets someone, Sophia will have to reconsider her life. A Brother’s Love is a triumphant comedy with a witty script, a bitter-sweet protagonist, and a talented director. 

Monday | 24.02.20 to Tuesday | 26.02.30
Monday | 24.02.20 to Tuesday | 29.05.29
Monday | 24.02.20 to Wednesday | 27.02.30
Monday | 24.02.20 to Monday | 25.02.30