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Come As You Are
Dir.: Richard Wong | 106 minutes

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USA 2019 | 106 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Come As You Are follows three young men with disabilities on a road trip who flee their overbearing parents to a Montreal brothel that caters to people with special needs, in order to lose their virginity. With the help of Sam, their tough-as-nails nurse driver, the young men must evade their concerned parents who are hot on their trail. Equally hilarious and heartwarming, this film is inspired by the incredible true story of Asta Philpot and is a remake of the 2011 award-winning hit Belgian film Hasta La Vista. "A charming, poignant, affectionate take on the road trip movie with an eye toward building compassion for those who are so often overlooked in day to day life" (ScreenAnarchy).