Monthly Screenings

Founded at the initiative of Leon Constantiner in 1997, The Joan-Sourasky Constantiner Jewish & Holocaust Cinema Foundation of the Jerusalem Cinematheque - Israel Film Archive works in the areas of research, acquisition, cataloguing, and preservation of films and film material related to the Holocaust. In many ways, cinema is the ultimate medium for retaining memory. It is durable. It captures a moment. It is both historical and historiographical. 

The Foundation’s activities are carried out alongside those of the Israel Film Archive, in locating and collecting film materials related to the Holocaust and its audiovisual memory. 

Since 2000, the Joan-Sourasky Constantiner Jewish & Holocaust Cinema Foundation has formed an inherent part of the Jerusalem Cinematheque’s annual Jewish Film Festival, and has worked towards showcasing contemporary feature, documentary and short films alongside classical restorations by local and international filmmakers working to expose Holocaust film materials to the general public. 

Since 2005, the Foundation has partnered with the Jerusalem Film Festival in awarding the annual Jewish Experience Awards – the LIA Award, for Films Dealing with Jewish Heritage and the Avner Shalev Yad Vashem Chairman’s Award, for Artistic Achievement in Holocaust-Related Film. 


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With special thanks to Leon Constantiner and family for their dedication and continuous support.


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