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Debuts: Jury Members
Renzo Fegatelli

A compendium of knowledge on art, history, aesthetics and cinema, Renzo Fegatelli has been writing reviews since 1964 for numerous of publications such as Il Mondo, La Fiera Letteraria, Cinema Nuovo and more.

Giulia Dobre

Giulia Dobre is a visual anthropologist for the Romanian National Radio and for several Romanian magazines and websites. She holds masters of French Philology, History of Cinema and a PhD in Cinema Studies at Berkeley. She has published steadily as a Writer, and has several screenplays turned into films in Romania, Italy, France and the US.

Ofer Liebergall

Ofer Liebergall has been writing articles and reviews for the Israeli Srita website since 2010. He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Film Studies from Tel Aviv University, where he was also teaching several courses. He has also contributed to Cinematheque and Takriv film journals.