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The Jerusalem Foundation – Your Share in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Foundation, the biggest urban foundation in Israel, was established in 1966 as an initiative of Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek. Kollek saw the Jerusalem Foundation as a means to raise funds with the goal of developing Jerusalem and advancing the city’s society as one of freedom, pluralism, and tolerance.

The Jerusalem Foundation, in partnership with friends of Jerusalem from Israel and around the world, procures funding for thousands of projects and initiatives that create opportunities for all of the city’s different populations, regardless of religion, race, or nationality. Throughout the years, the Jerusalem Foundation has raised over a billion and a half dollars, serving as a model that has been replicated by municipal authorities throughout Israel.

The Jerusalem Foundation focuses on social-cultural initiatives that are directed towards the complex realities and unique needs of Jerusalem’s civil society, and has been part of successful capital projects in the realms of education, culture, economic growth, community and welfare, dialogue, and shared living. 

The Jerusalem Foundation, one of the founding bodies of the Jerusalem Cinematheque, sees it as one of the city’s important cultural anchors, and is proud to support its activities throughout the year, as well as the Jerusalem International Film Festival.