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The Ostrovsky Family Fund

In 1973, George Ostrovsky (1901-1980), ‎a Pinsk-born, Rio based, businessman/philanthropist, proposed building the Jerusalem Cinematheque. The facility absorbed the Israel Film Archive and together, these entities comprise the Jerusalem Film Center. ‎ George was actively involved in the planning and design of this site on Hebron Road, however he did not live to see the completion of the JFC when it debuted in 1981.

For over thirty years the Ostrovsky Family Fund (OFF) played a leadership role, supporting the JFC mission and facility. Donations included major‎ annual support and resources for film acquisitions, programs, festivals, equipment, staff enrichment and development consultants.

OFF ‎also initiated and gave major funding for the renovation and expansion of the Jerusalem Film Center campus. When this was completed in 2008, OFF provided considerable additional support to upgrade the Film Archive and to dedicate it to the memory of Wim and Lia van Leer, George's co-founders in this endeavor. 

To date, the Jerusalem Film Center and the Film Forum in New York City have been principal OFF beneficiaries. Others include an array of cultural and human rights projects in Brazil, the USA and Israel. 

The Ostrovsky Family salutes the JFC staff, the filmmakers and all of the film fans who give this place its warm and vibrant dynamic during the film festival and throughout the yea‎r.

We gather here annually to share our delight in all the ways George's initiative continues to have impact.