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The Jerusalemite Filmmaker Prize is Awarded to Director Nissim Mossek
A Jerusalemite filmmaker who provokes debate by way of cinema that focuses on topics and figures marginalized by the Israeli public, such as Mordechai Vanunu, Ezra Nawi, and many others. Was among the first to document the Black Panthers and establish a new and complex perspective on their struggle and on the absorption of Mizrahim (Jews of Middle Eastern and North African origin) in Israel. Nissim, who has been filming, documenting, and archiving for years, enriches his films and the characters they construct with materials spanning several decades, and thereby instills them with depth and dynamism. Nissim’s command of the medium as
a director, cinematographer, and editor creates personal, political, bold, direct, and profound cinema. His years-long work in Jerusalem and his unique point of view have made their mark on both the form and content of documentary filmmaking in Israel. His creative work is complemented by sincere artistic integrity that confronts both the characters in his films and audiences with reality.