Monthly Screenings
Information about Watching Online

On what devices can I watch the movies?

· Built in browsers in smart TVs

· All iPads and iPhones, using all browsers

· Certain Android devices (depending on the producer), using Chrome and Edge browsers

· The movies can be transmitted from a mobile device to a smart TV, using, for example, Chromecast or Airplay

· Desktops with Windows 10 – watch using Edge or Internet Explorer browsers

· On apple computers – watch using the Safari browser (Mac OSX 10.12 or a higher operation system is required)

Can I use Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers?

Due to current security issues at Google, and in order to ensure complete protection of copyright rights, it's temporarily impossible to watch the movies using these browsers on desktops. We are continuously monitoring the Company's updates and once the situation changes we'll advise immediately.

Did an error message appear while trying to watch the movie using the Edge browser?

In the Edge browser enter the following link: edge://gpu

Make sure you see the following:

o "Compositing" is "Hardware Accelerated".

o "Direct composition" is "true".

o "PlayReady Hardware DRM support" is "true".

What is the personal area?

In your personal area on the website you'll find your ordered movies.

What happens if I forget my password?

Just click on "Forgot your password" on the login page, enter the email address you provided when the account was created, and you'll get a link to reset your password.

I'm unable to stream content, what's going on?

Check the minimum requirements of the system, as detailed above. We recommend updating to the latest version of your browser.

We use adaptive bitrate streaming protocol – which means that the streaming quality automatically adapts itself to your connection speed. To get high definition (HD) streaming, we recommend navigating using VDSL infrastructure, cable or optical fibers. We can't guarantee HD quality streaming on an ADSL infrastructure.

Why is the video playback stalling or not running smoothly?

If your internet communication is weak or inconsistent, you may experience problems when running playback. Try lowering the data rate of the playback.

Please Note

Broad band or optical fibers internet communication is an absolute requirement. Dial up communication will not work.