Monthly Screenings
The Israeli Film Collection

Since its establishment in the early '60s, the Archive has strived to collect at least one copy and one negative of every full-length film produced in Israel and pre-State of Israel - from the first Hebrew dramatic film Oded the Wanderer (1932) and up to the present day, with films such as Joseph Cedar's Oscar-nominated Beaufort (2007) and Eran Kolirin's The Band's Visit (2007) - for the benefit of generations to come.

Additionally, the Archive houses a large Israeli Documentary Cinema Collection taht includes thousands of documentary films produced since the establishment of the State of Israel. The Collection includes landmarks of Israeli documentary filmmaking, such as David Perlov's Diary (1983) and Ron Havilio's Fragments•Jerusalem (1986-1997). In addition, entire archives of Israeli government and cultural bodies are deposited in the Documentary Collection.

The Axelrod Newsreel and Pre-State Collection a unique and rare collection of films by the pioneer of Israeli film Nathan Axelrod between the years 1927 and 1958. It documents the establishment and development of Jewish settlements, as well as countless and priceless scenes from everyday life. Among the treasures found in the Axelrod Collection is the single copy of Israel's declaration of independence along with the camera with which it was filmed. Every day, we welcome researchers, filmmakers, students, museums, organizations, as well as private individuals requesting to see and/or purchase footage.

The film collection is preserved under the conditions set by FIAF and is available for public viewing in accordance with the film's condition.