Monthly Screenings
For many years Lia and Wim van Leer collected different artifacts pertaining to the technological and artistic development of cinema.
This collection of memorabilia, which documents the golden age of film, has developed into a museum of sorts, dedicated to the memory of Myra Bernstein, of the Uk. Today, the collection is exhibited in the broad space of the Cinematheque. You will find there a collection of magic lanterns, cameras, games and optical illusions, as well as, classic movie projectors.  
Some of these items have historical significance, and some of them were even used in prominent historical events. for example, the camera used to film and record the Declaration of Independence of the state of Israel (the item was donated by the Axelrod family).   
Additionally, a collection of stills, stamps, postcards, autographed pictures, and old dolls used in animated film from the 19th and early 20th centuries are on display.
Each and every item adds a significant insight into the first dramatic days of cinema.
The museum's collection keeps growing thanks to the contribution made by people depositing their personal treasures here at the Cinematheque.  We will be happy to receive any cinematic memorabilia you may want to give us for safekeeping. Our museum curator will be pleased to assist in organizing tours of the museum.