Monthly Screenings

Full price 590 NIS

Dual membership 940 NIS

Dual membership for a year or single membership for two years      

Dual membership for Senior Citizens 910 NIS

Soldiers and National service  400 NIS

Concessions 505 NIS

students, teenagers, senior citizens, handicapped persons, membership renewal - up to one month after membership ends  

*precluding Festivals, courses, theatrical releases, and special events


6 entries tickets   180 NIS

10 entries tickets 290 NIS

precluding Festivals, course, and special events

For 3D screenings - 10 NIS per screening

Members Benefits
Cinematic Variations on Live Classical Music (10 sessions)  
Membership 310 NIS
Single event for Members 60 NIS
The Met Live in HD Series
Singe event 140 NIS
Yearly Course
Up to 20% discount for full course or single meeting 
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