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Dir.: Philippe Lesage | 129 minutes

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Screening in the presence of director Philippe Lesage

Canada 2018 | 129 minutes | French | Hebrew, English subtitles

Guillaume is a sharp-tongued student at a prestigious boarding school. He loves to clown around, but also has a sensitive, empathetic side. His half-sister Charlotte, who is two years older, is in love with a dubious character. Both siblings are seeking out their place in the world, navigating between their desire for freedom and their need for love. It is as though Éric Rohmer’s spirit hovers over this new film by Philippe Lesage (The Demons), which perceptively follows the emotional challenges of first loves (and perhaps love in general). Lesage wrote an intelligent, subtly humorous screenplay, and diligently cast Noée Abita and Théodore Pellerin in the lead roles to create a critically-acclaimed tender film that would go on to become a festival hit.