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The Wim Van Leer Award for High School Students 2021

The Wim Van Leer Award for High School Students celebrates 30 years!

The Oscars for high school film programs in israel

The Youth Film Competition, founded in 1991 in memory of Wim Van Leer, will be held at the Jerusalem Film Festival for its 30th consecutive year. The Competition, which provides high school film students from all over Israel with the opportunity to screen their work for the first time, has become an important festival tradition.

Every year, over 100 films, both dramas and documentaries, are submitted to the competition, reflecting the experiences of young people: their desires, fears, loves, and spiritual and ethical perspectives. Out of these films, fifteen are accepted to the official competition and will premiere at the Festival before an audience of hundreds of young viewers. At the end of the Youth and Cinema event, the winners will be announced in a moving and festive ceremony.

The awards are generously sponsored by Amy Sorensen and the Nathan Cummings Foundation. The Jerusalem Cinematheque and MANHI Jerusalem,The Jerusalem Film Festival would like to thank all of the teachers, coordinators, and young artists for their hard work! We would like to give a special thanks to the jury panel and the screening committee.

Jury members: Ido Rozental, Tuval Shafir, Renana Raz

13:00 Screenings of competition finalists

17:30 Awards ceremony

18:30 Reception for ceremony participants