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113 minutes

The Source of All Beauty  - Rachel Lévy | Single Light - Shaylee Atary | Deadline  - Idan Gilboa | Listen to my Voice - Zohar Orian Cohen | Katya's Hand - Tom Shoval

Dir.: Rachel LévyIsrael 202320 minutesHebrew

Ultra-Orthodox Yaeli carries a secret that may destroy her chances of finding a life partner. Yet she is determined to be the architect of her own happiness, even if it means opposing her own father.

Live Action
Dir.: Shaylee AtaryIsrael 202329 minutesHebrew

Lali is sexually assaulted on a dark road in a Tel Aviv parking lot. Awake, yet unable to move, she stares at a streetlight. The next morning, Lali wakes up to a reality which she refuses to accept.

Dir.: Idan GilboaIsrael 202313 minutesHebrew, English

A dark comedy that explores the power balance between Bureaucracy, Death, and Feline devotion among the elderly population. At its center lies the story of a friendship between two senior women sickened over the disrespect they experience at the hands of society.

Dir.: Zohar Orian CohenIsrael 202327 minutesHebrew, Tunisian Arabic (dialect)

A mother-daughter relationship is rebuilt in the shadow of the daughter's childhood trauma. Between bags of clothes, gaps in memories are revealed. Yet their mutual demand for love and closeness remains strong.

Live Action
Dir.: Tom ShovalIsrael 202324 minutesHebrew, Ukrainian

Katya, a crane worker, receives a tempting work proposition. She leaves Alex, her 11-year-old son, to babysit his brother. When a storm breaks out, Alex starts to worry.