Monthly Screenings

The Dive

Dir.: Yona Rozenkier
| 87 minutes

Before going to war, three brothers reunite for one weekend to bury their father in their native kibbutz on the border with Lebanon. As war rages all around them, the two older brothers begin the same violent ritual training that was initiated by their late father, in order to prepare the youngest for his first war. 


Dir.: Amikam Kovner, Assaf Snir
| 98 minutes

Avner suspects his wife is cheating on him. Secretly recording her phone conversations, he tries to discover her lover’s identity. But while searching for one thing, he discovers another. He doesn't really know the woman he loves.

Here and Now

Dir.: Roman Shumunov
| 87 minutes

Andrey, a young immigrant living in the slums of Ashdod, forms a hip-hop band with his three best friends. When his family suffers a crisis, he must struggle to care for his sister, work, and the band's rehearsals.

Red Cow

Dir.: Tsivia Barkai-Yacov
| 91 minutes

As 17 year old Benny’s extremist father becomes more and more obsessed with a red heifer that he believes will bring the redemption, she drifts further away and into the arms of Yael, a new young woman in her life.


Dir.: Joseph Madmony, Boaz Yehonatan Yacov
| 104 minutes

Menachem, a former frontman for a rock band, is now religious. When his daughter is diagnosed with cancer, he must find a creative solution to fund the treatments. Menachem reunites his band for one last tour.


Dir.: Keren Ben Rafael
| 90 minutes

The rumour of a mermaid sighting brings unexpected attention to the gloomy town of Kiryat Yam. A rebellious adolescent, her moody mother, and her dreamy cousin will do anything to grasp at this opportunity and change their lives.

Working Woman

Dir.: Michal Aviad
| 93 minutes

Orna, an ambitious young mother, aspires to succeed at her new job without paying the price that her boss demands.