Monthly Screenings


Dir.: Yaron Shani
| 112 minutes

A police officer dreams of having a child with his new wife. When two teenagers accuse him of sexual harassment, he is suspended from the force. As time passes, the shame and stagnation expose suppressed dimensions in his personality.

The Dead of Jaffa

Dir.: Ram Loevy
| 96 minutes

Three children from the West Bank are smuggled into Israel. They arrive at the home of George and Rita, Israeli Palestinians living in Jaffa. A foreign film is being shot nearby. When the two stories intertwine, tensions erupt.

God of The Piano

Dir.: Itay Tal
| 80 minutes

Anat, who comes from a family of classical musicians, rests her hopes for fulfillment on the child she's about to have. When her son is born deaf, she adopts drastic measures.

Peaches & Cream

Dir.: Gur Bentwich
| 92 minutes

An existential comedy about a neurotic film director whose fear of failure, death, and losing control all surface on the evening his new film is released, creating an unforgettable night - at least for him and his band of eccentrics.

Red Fields

Dir.: Keren Yedaya
| 93 minutes

Based on the Rock Opera Mami by Hillel Mitelpunkt. The 16 songs recorded live, new arrangements by Dudu Tassa and Nir Maimon, tell the unbelievable story of Mami, a young woman from a town in the south, whose husband's injury changes her life forever.

That's the Way You Love

Dir.: Limor Shmila
| 96 minutes

Tamara gives birth to her first daughter. The change shakes her world, altering the power dynamics in her marriage and sex life. As their intimacy becomes more and more demanding, Tamara is torn between her many roles.