Monthly Screenings


Experimental cinema in collaboration with the Mamuta Art and Media Center

This year’s Intersections offers 5 different programs, all, as always, in the sphere of experimentation and curiosity.

The 14th Experimental Cinema and Video Art Awards showcase, dialogue, and celebrate with contemporary art practices. A determined selection committee went through more than 80 films to choose an unconventional, well-crafted final program of 6 films by local artists.

Two programs by Latin American artists focus on themes of art under dictatorship, memory, war, and abuse of power.

 The Mamuta Art and Research Center will present a 5-channel video installation by Lola Arias whose related film was shown in the Berlinale this year. Arias, a renowned Argentinian writer, theater and film director and performer uses reenactments with traumatized soldiers to evoke the Falklands war 30 years later. 

Brazil: Breaking Boundaries, features four pioneering women artists (Analivia Cordeiro, Anna Bella Geiger, Anamaria Maiolino, and Leticia Parente), of the 1970s who worked in moving images under the military government’s authoritarian rule. The result is eminently political, subversive and often ironic.

 Akira Ikeda’s Ambiguous Places finds its place with the Avant-Garde. Its wackiness, wickedness, and wit will charm or unsettle audiences.

 James Benning’s almost silent Readers might be a writer’s favorite? A lesson in stillness and observation.


Vivian Ostrovsky & Sala-Manca


Ambiguous Places

Dir.: Akira Ikeda
| 93 minutes

Konoko wakes up on a beach with an insect stuck to her head and sets off to find a barber who will remove it. What appears to be a quiet town turns into a surreal fantasy. A bewildering Japanese comedy where Kafka meets Kaurismaki not too far from Kyoto.


Dir.: James Benning
| 108 minutes

Several people read from a wide range of books. They read - not aloud, but to themselves -  as viewers "read" them.‎ This new film by avant garde pioneer James Benning evokes  humanity and mystery and draws this everyday action into the light.