Monthly Screenings


Dir.: Tamar Rudoy
| 19 minutes

In a punk party on the beach, young May gets to know an older guy and has sex for the first time. Deprived of any kind of emotional support, she falls into a whirlpool of self-destruction.

Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 2


Dir.: Shady Srour
| 15 minutes

A Palestinian man is denied entry to Israel for work. After promising his daughter meat for dinner, he cannot come home empty handed. Ziad needs to be creative.

Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 1


Dir.: Yarden Lipshitz Louz
| 21 minutes

A power outage in 15-year-old Lidor’s home forces her to set out on a journey to restore it, and to re-establish her relationship with her unemployed alcoholic father.

Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 1


Dir.: Nir Berger
| 25 minutes

A screen-age love story. Adele, a 17-year-old internet "troll" who enjoys insulting her classmates online, is hit on by a like-minded boy. The flirtation is hindered when he asks to see what she looks like in real life.

Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 1


Dir.: Orit Fouks Rotem
| 21 minutes

A pink swan floats across a turquoise pool, against the desert. It’s Dana’s bachelorette party. A chance encounter with Hamis, an African asylum seeker, will bring the girls face to face with an uncomfortable truth.