Monthly Screenings

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The Accident

Dir.: Omri Dekel-Kadosh
| 31 minutes

Omri reunites his family for a drive to the desert. Facing his camcorder, he'll ask them to recollect the drive and fatal car accident they had on the way to his Bar Mitzvah. An accident that led to his parent’s divorce.


And Now Shut Your Eyes

Dir.: Tom Nesher
| 12 minutes

A young woman attends an art opening, desperately trying to fit in. She puts on audio-guide headphones and observes the exhibit. Suddenly, the narrator starts giving her wild instructions until she does the unspeakable.



Dir.: Saleh Saadi
| 15 minutes

A father gives his son a ride to the airport. The car breaks down on the way.


Empty Spaces

Dir.: Ben Ziv
| 27 minutes

Nati, an officer in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is heading south with three soldiers in order to perform a very complicated mission.


His Death

Dir.: Avishai Sivan
| 34 minutes
For the first time in years, secular Noah meets his Hasidic siblings in the heart of the Mea Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem. A tense gathering to disclose the recently deceased patriarch’s will.

Inside the Pipelines

Dir.: Adva Santo
| 5 minutes
An experimental documentary film combining video and animation. The film documents the Central Bus Station and deals with loneliness, fear, identity, strangeness, and affection.

March ’19

Dir.: Nadav Aronowicz, Iris Ozer
| 30 minutes

Army recruitment day, a defining moment in Israeli-Jewish identity. Turning our gaze toward this controversial rite, we muse on life in a country that lives by the sword, while raising questions about the limits of parenthood.



Dir.: Sveta Shelegovskaya
| 15 minutes
In an attempt to free herself from dark memories, escape her childhood traumas and begin a process of healing, Nina decides to film a video-art piece featuring her father. She never expected it to be this difficult.


Dir.: Klil Kovesh
| 26 minutes

Yuli lives in a small village with her father and her special-needs older brother, Ariel. She runs a therapeutic farm created by her mother, but dreams of leaving home so that she realizes her full potential. 


Mission: Hebron

Dir.: Rona Segal
| 22 minutes

Mission: Hebron offers an unflinching guide to the most troubled city in the occupied West Bank.



Dir.: Hamad Sharoof
| 21 minutes

Sarah, 36 and married, is in love with 26-year-old Issam, whom she met online under a false identity. When Issam discovers the truth, Sarah decides to fight for her love.



Dir.: Rotem Ben Ami
| 2 minutes

Three single, religious girls embark upon a journey to embrace an almond tree, a lucky charm that promises to bring marriage within a year.


Shut Up

Dir.: Noa Aharoni Maor
| 16 minutes

Roni (12) is ashamed of her Tourette Syndrome. After acting violently towards a classmate, she's suspended from school. Alone at home, the suffering from her tics drives her to extreme action.


Six to Six

Dir.: Neta Cohen
| 7 minutes

During the lengthy sleepless nights, the familiar home surroundings of a new mother take on a dark, eerie appearance.


St. Moritz

Dir.: Joseph Balaclav, Raz Sonnenfeld
| 6 minutes

The relations between a mother and son are tested during the preparations for the Passover cleaning ritual when the son decides to burn down the house to set them both free.


Three Things Lost

Dir.: Naama Shohet
| 13 minutes

Home, bond, and faith, these are the three things lost from the life of Iraqi-Israeli writer Issac Bar-Moshe, the directors’ grandfather. Through a textual-visual journey, the lost is rediscovered.


We Were a Sterile Bomb

Dir.: Dotan Moreno
| 15 minutes

Lonely and introverted 21-year-old Avi wanders in and out of his town. An encounter with a young man his age shakes him out of his numbness. Based upon a poem by Israel Dadon, "We Were a Sterile Bomb."



Dir.: Oz Zirlin
| 6 minutes

If my grandfather Ziskind would have left us a suicide note, I believe these would have been his last words.