Monthly Screenings

The 50th Psalm

Dir.: Hamad Sharoof, Fadi Qupti
| 20 minutes

Peter is having a secret relationship with his married neighbor, Roje. He tries to convince him to leave his wife so they can live together, but Roje refuses and asks for more time. Peter is tired of waiting and demands from Roje to make a decision. Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 3


Dir.: Sharon Leshem
| 17 minutes

Alma is working as a “Cam Girl.” One night, she gets an offer to work at a party. She loses consciousness and suddenly wakes up wearing only her underwear, lying on the ground in a wild forest. Her instincts tell her she’s not alone. Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 3


Dir.: Tom Kouris, Hani Dombe
| 15 minutes

A folkloristic fantasy that takes place during the Russian immigration to Israel in the 90s. A young immigrant girl grows feathers on her body. She is forced to choose between the need to belong and her own identity. Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 2


Dir.: Ella Deutsch
| 8 minutes

Naomi and a group of girls break into the local swimming pool as a prank one evening. But their adventure will force her to come to terms with how far she is prepared to go in order to hide her disability. Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 1


Dir.: Eti Tsicko
| 18 minutes

Ruso, a migrant worker from Georgia, begins another cleaning shift at the University. She keeps her head down, does her job as required, and passes the shift on phone calls with her son. Usually no one notices her. Not today. Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 2


Dir.: Tal Comay
| 10 minutes

When Aya misses the last bus out of Jerusalem, she realizes she is stuck for the weekend. She settles into a mundane routine of binge watching, until a call from a classmate transforms the blah into something different. Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 4


Dir.: Renen Adar, Neta Zaidel
| 9 minutes

In the wild mountains, a woman conducts research about the border between animal and human. The subject of research is an odd creature - partly human, partly animal. Slowly, the borders between the two begin to blur. Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 4

White Lie

Dir.: Eyal Elisha
| 11 minutes

Three teenage friends, who have just come out of a late Friday night movie, have no way to get back home. Rani has no money left and he has to decide whether to confront the two worlds he’s been trying so hard to separate. Israeli Short Film Competition - Program 4