Monthly Screenings

Israeli Shorts - Program 1

109 Minutes

Love Letter to a Garden - Yahli Maoz | I See You - Adam Weingrod | Nurit - Sohini Tal, Tom Danieli | Single Light  - Shaylee Atary | Deadline - Idan Gilboa | Katya's Hand - Tom Shoval


Israeli Shorts - Program 2

98 Minutes

More Than Friends - Omri Laron | The Source of All Beauty - Rachel Lévy | Full of light - Rona Segal | Listen to My Voice - Zohar Orian Cohen | Land Of Limpopo - Gur Bentwich

Israeli Shorts - Program 3

111 Minutes

My Father in The Cloud - Ruth Patir | Still Waters - Tsivia Barkai Yacov | Yona Namer Ira - Rotem Kapelinsky | Digital Diary - Yasmine Scheft | Last Day of Summer - Nayef Hammoud | Kissing the Wall - Udi Persi 


Dir.: Idan Gilboa
| 13 minutes

A dark comedy that explores the power balance between Bureaucracy, Death, and Feline devotion among the elderly population. At its center lies the story of a friendship between two senior women sickened over the disrespect they experience at the hands of society.

Live Action

Digital Diary

Dir.: Yasmine Scheft
| 18 minutes

18-year-old Anton hangs out with thugs who steal cell phones and blackmail their owners. But when Anton gets a hold of Meitar’s phone, he becomes obsessed with the world she has compulsively recorded.

Live Action

Full of Light

Dir.: Rona Segal
| 12 minutes

Ravit is indecisive. Pathologically indecisive. Over the course of one humiliating afternoon, she tries her best to change.


I See You

Dir.: Adam Weingrod
| 19 minutes

After 25 years of blindness, Dan gets a chance to see his wife and children for the very first time. It may also be his last.


Land of Limpopo

Dir.: Gur Bentwich
| 21 minutes

A way overdue reconciliation between an enraged and confused young man and his father, a retired general and destined-to-be alcoholic, who is crashing on his son's balcony during the Gulf War.

My Father in The Cloud

Dir.: Ruth Patir
| 25 minutes

Director Ruth Patir employs new technologies as she attempts to dance with her late father, a telecommunications engineer with a secret passion for Virtual Reality. As her journey unfolds, we grasp the limitations of technology.



Dir.: Sohini Tal
| 11 minutes

Nurit walks us through her fascinating journey to motherhood, which begins in a silent birth, continues on to tens of fertility treatments, and ends up in the Eilat cemetery. There, she finds closure.

Live Action

Single Light

Dir.: Shaylee Atary
| 29 minutes

Lali is sexually assaulted on a dark road in a Tel Aviv parking lot. Awake, yet unable to move, she stares at a streetlight. The next morning, Lali wakes up to a reality which she refuses to accept.

The Source of All Beauty

Dir.: Rachel Lévy
| 20 minutes

Ultra-Orthodox Yaeli carries a secret that may destroy her chances of finding a life partner. Yet she is determined to be the architect of her own happiness, even if it means opposing her own father.

Live Action

Still Waters

Dir.: Tsivia Barkai Yacov
| 17 minutes

Desperate to flee an abusive relationship, Rona sneaks out during a lockdown and enters a women’s Mikvah. Naked and exposed, she faces the truth.