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The Ornithologist
Dir.: João Pedro Rodrigues | 118 minutes

The Ornithologist

Portugal, France, Brazil 2016 | 118 minutes | Portuguese, English, Mandarin, Mirandese, Latin | Hebrew, English subtitles

Fernando, an ornithologist, is searching for a rare stork along a river in northern Portugal when his boat is swept away by undercurrents. Rescued by two Chinese pilgrims, he attempts to resume his journey, but instead, finds himself on a dark and mysterious journey through the dense forest. A series of incidents and obstacles test him, ultimately driving him to take extreme action. Portuguese director João Pedro Rodrigues’s (who gave up ornithology studies for film) new film is a magnificent surrealist fable screened at most film festivals worldwide, winning Best Director at Locarno. Critics too, were quick to praise: “Mind-blowing in the best possible way” (IndieWire); “deliciously subversive and genuinely funny” (Variety).