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Sunset Song / שיר שקיעה

Sunset Song
Dir.: Terence Davies | 135 minutes

Sunset Song

UK, Luxembourg 2015 | 135 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

British master Terence Davies, creator of some of the most important films to come from the UK in the past 40 years (The Long Day Closes, The House of Mirth) adapts Lewis Grassic Gibbon's classic 1932 novel (a staple in Scottish classrooms). The movie takes us to early 20th century northern Scotland and follows the hardships of a rural family, and especially Chris, a girl growing up in the shadow of the Great War. Davis employs the magic touch of cinematographer Michael McDonough (Winter's Bone) to realize his spectacular vision, casts the wonderful Peter Mullan as the father and skillfully weaves a human story full of social awareness and empathy to his characters.