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Uncle Howard / הדוד הווארד

Uncle Howard
Dir.: Aaron Brookner |

Uncle Howard

USA, UK 2016 | | English | Hebrew subtitles

Howard Brookner died of AIDS in 1989, at the age of 35, while in post-production on his first Hollywood movie. Brookner was a familiar figure in the New York scene and a promising new director. His body of work, including 300 reels documenting his life and the cultural revolutions of the seventies and eighties, remained buried for 23 years in the bunker of countercultural icon William Burroughs, until his nephew, Aaron Brookner, decided to unearth his uncle's unknown and exciting legacy. The young Brookner watched all of his uncle's materials and met with his friends (including Jim Jarmusch and Robert Wilson) to successfully produce this stirring portrait of a promising yet lost artist.