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Wolf and Sheep זאב עם כבש

Wolf and Sheep
Dir.: Shahrbanoo Sadat | 86 minutes

Wolf and Sheep

Denmark, France, Sweden, Afghanistan 2016 | 86 minutes | Hazaragi | English, Hebrew subtitles

In rural Afghanistan, villagers tell imaginative stories to explain the mysteries of the world. The children herd the sheep up in the mountains, and even though there are no grownups around, they know that boys and girls must not mix. This does not prevent two young outsiders from becoming friends.

Wolf and Sheep, the big winner of Directors' Fortnight in Cannes, is the first Afghan feature film directed by a woman. Shahrbanoo Sadat, only 26 years old, wrote a script inspired by her own childhood and shot her movie out in the wilderness, on a meager budget and with unprofessional actors. The result is a uniquely spectacular piece that combines ethnographic naturalism and fantastic realism.