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Boris without Beatrice בוריס בלי ביאטריס

Boris without Beatrice
Dir.: Denis Côté | 93 minutes

Boris without Beatrice

Canada 2016 | 93 minutes | French, English, Russian | English, Hebrew subtitles

The life of wealthy businessman Boris takes a turn when his wife, a politician, falls into a deep depression. A mysterious stranger blames Boris for her condition, driving him to reevaluate his life choices and try to become a better partner, parent and son.

In his latest film, presented at the Berlinale competition, Denis Côté (Curling) puts his protagonist through a psychological process that expresses the need to challenge patriarchal power structures and find alternatives to the balance of power in family life, society and the economy. The Quebecois director develops and refines some of his recurring motifs: alienation, charged father-daughter relationships and artistic reflexivity.