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Photo Faraj
Dir.: Kobi Faraj | 77 minutes

Photo Faraj

Israel 2016 | 77 minutes | Hebrew | English subtitles

Photo Faraj recounts the tale of 10 siblings from Iraq who immigrated to Israel and revolutionized photography.

Faraj means salvation. Faraj Bilbul started photographing in Baghdad when he was nine years old and continued after he immigrated with his family to Israel.  Thanks to a rare talent he managed to save them from a life of grueling work. Faraj climbed quickly to the top and along with his brothers he opened the largest chain of photography studio in the country. His first name became the family name and a synonym for photography. But then something went wrong. “Instead of salvation Faraj brought devastation” says one of his brothers today. 

Using rare footage nephew Kobi Faraj embarks on a journey to solve the riddle that is his family.