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Diary of my Mind
Dir.: Ursula Meier | 70 minutes

Diary of my Mind

Switzerland 2018 | 70 minutes | French | Hebrew, English subtitles

Can literature be accused of murder? And if not, perhaps the literature teacher? Seasoned actress Fanny Ardant plays an educator who assigns her students a rather routine project: to document their lives, day after day. She does not expect one of them to record a heinous crime, at the end of which his parents lie dead. The event disrupts the teacher’s life and raises unsettling questions regarding her relationship with the student, while forcing us, the viewers, to face moral dilemmas. Esteemed director Ursula Meier’s film—part of a series based on true events—is impressive, provocative, and poignant. Ardant’s performance is subtle yet powerful, and the young Kacey Mottet-Klein shows great promise.