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Djon Africa
Dir.: João Miller Guerra, Filipa Reis | 95 minutes

Djon Africa

Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde 2018 | 95 minutes | Cape Verdean Creole, Portuguese | Hebrew, English subtitles

Miguel never knew his father. Although born and raised in Portugal, his family immigrated to Europe from Cape Verde. One day, Miguel decides to leave home and sets out in search of his father in the homeland he never knew. This quest for his roots becomes a vibrant and strange odyssey. Miguel Moreira plays himself in this first feature film by esteemed documentarians Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra, based on Moreira’s life. Questions of identity and belonging dissolve upon Cape Verde’s magnificent beaches and landscapes, regions seldom seen on screen, and make way for a new and different rhythm calmly embraced by the film’s star with contagious joie de vivre.