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My Twentieth Century
Az én XX. századom | 105 minutes

My Twentieth Century

Hungary, West Germany 1989 | 105 minutes | Hungarian | Hebrew, English subtitles

A restored copy of Hungarian director Ildikó Enyedi’s film for which she won the Caméra d'Or prize at Cannes in 1989. Budapest, 1880. Twin girls are born into a life of poverty, abandonment, separation, and adoption. In 1900, the twins, now strangers, board the Orient Express: one, the lavishly dressed wife of a wealthy man; the other, an anarchist in favor of violent struggles. A wild sequence of events follows, expressed in vibrant scenes and unforgettable black and white shots. Enyedi, winner of Berline’s Golden Bear in 2017 for On Body and Soul, combines historical events and a personal story to ponder technological developments, and more importantly, women’s status in the Western world.