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Don't Call Me Son אמא יש רק אחת

Don't Call Me Son
Dir.: Anna Muylaert | 82 minutes

Don't Call Me Son

Brazil 2016 | 82 minutes | Portuguese | English, Hebrew subtitles

Pierre, a teenager preoccupied with discovering and establishing his sexual identity, discovers that he was abducted as a baby when his biological family suddenly arrives to reclaim him. Pierre must immediately let go of the life, home and family he knows, and move into an affluent house with a brother and parents he has never met.

This moving and powerful family drama by esteemed Brazilian director Anna Muylaert (The Second Mother) premiered at the recent Berlin Film Festival. The film presents an unusual approach to the subject of family relations, especially as the role of both mothers is portrayed by the same actress (Daniela Nefussi).