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The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice
Dir.: Yasujiro Ozu | 115 minutes

The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice

Japan 1952 | 115 minutes | Japanese | Hebrew, English subtitles

Middle-class Taeko follows her father’s advice and marries country-born Mokichi. They share a home: he focuses on his work; she lives a life of routine boredom. But things begin to change when a favorite niece who refuses to submit to an arranged marriage wins Mokichi’s support. When Mokichi travels to Uruguay, things are set to become even more complicated. Adapted from a story he wrote in 1940, esteemed director Yasujiro Ozu creates a tender and insightful, yet lively and touching portrait of married life. Although not one of Ozu’s favorites, its mystique captivated audiences and critics. Premiering at the Venice Film Festival, this restored and digitized version is a unique cinematic delight.