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Love Me Not
Dir.: Alexandros Avranas | 99 minutes

Love Me Not

Greece, France 2017 | 99 minutes | Greek | Hebrew, English subtitles

A bourgeois couple hires a young carefree woman to be their surrogate. She moves into their spacious villa where they will care and provide for her. She is bored, resentful, and demanding. The days pass uneventfully; the wife buys clothes for the baby and tries in every way to become close to the surrogate. But minor incidences soon interrupt the normal routine, and the façade of propriety is ultimately shattered when the husband gets a phone call in the middle of the night. From this moment, we are thrust into a maze of horror. In his fourth feature film, Alexandros Avranas continues to deal with the nuclear family as an incubator and outlet for all human psychosis in face of the demand for normalcy.