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Sorry Angel
Dir.: Christophe Honoré | 132 minutes

Sorry Angel

France 2018 | 132 minutes | French | Hebrew, English subtitles

Paris, 1993. The stigma surrounding AIDS patients is fading, but the diagnosis is still terminal. Jacques, a thirty-five-year-old writer is a victim of the virus. On a trip to Brittany, he meets Arthur, a twenty-two-year-old student, and they engage in a romantic waltz: Jacque spins toward his final love, while Arthur dances to the beat of his first. They show each other new worlds and share everything in an ill-fated relationship. With great talent and boundless sensitivity, renown French director Christophe Honoré (Love Songs) traces the complexities and many faces of love in a film that owes much of its strength to the lead performances. Sorry Angel premiered at Cannes to critical acclaim.