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Dir.: Andrea Pallaoro | 95 minutes


Italy, France, Belgium 2017 | 95 minutes | French, English | Hebrew subtitles

We are introduced to Hannah (Charlotte Rampling) on the day she escorts her husband to the prison gate. Left alone, she tries to maintain her daily routine: feeding the dog, watering the plants, going to theater class. But these do not help her face her husband’s terrible crime (which gradually comes to light) and its consequences, and her life begins to unravel. Andrea Pallaoro’s second film is an enthralling portrait of a woman in a state of dire loneliness and deep emotional crisis. Pallaoro takes a minimalist, measured, and uncompromising approach; Chayse Irvin shoots in film to give Hannah the naturalism it requires, and the formidable Charlotte Rampling carries the film on her shoulders.