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Dir.: Kirill Serebrennikov | 126 minutes


Russia, France 2018 | 126 minutes | Russian, English | Hebrew, English subtitles

A Soviet biopic? Romantic Musical? Rock Drama? All apply to Kirill Serebrennikov’s film about the life of musician Viktor Tsoy. The film takes us to 1980s Leningrad and traces Tsoy’s attempts to reach the top while facing cultural and personal challenges. There is, of course, a love triangle, and a profusion of songs: some from Tsoy’s provocative repertoire and others from the alternative-rock canon. Those familiar with Tsoy will relish in his reckless persona as it comes alive on screen, while for others, this is a chance to become acquainted with an extraordinary figure. The film premiered at Cannes in the absence of the director who has been under house arrest since August 2017.