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Voice Over
Dir.: Avraham Heffner, Nir Bergman, Eitan Anner, Tom Shoval, Sigalit Liphshitz, Maya Kenig, Orit Fouks Rotem | 85 minutes

Voice Over

Israel 2018 | 85 minutes | Hebrew, Arabic | Hebrew subtitles

Fifty years after Slow Down by Avraham Heffner won a prize at Venice Film Festival, top alumni of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School challenge the 1968 legendary black and white thirteeen-minute short, which penetrates the essence of a quarrel and reconciliation between an elderly couple in Tel Aviv of 1967. The voice over stream of consciousness of the heroine’s poignant self-examination serves as the launching pad for six modern-day interpretations of couplehood, laced together in contemporary Israel.