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Dir.: Joachim Trier | 116 minutes


Norway, France, Denmark, Sweden 2017 | 116 minutes | Norwegian, Swedish | Hebrew, English subtitles

Thelma leaves the religious environment where she was raised to attend Oslo University. One wintry day, while studying in the library, she experiences a mysterious seizure. As she realizes that her burgeoning sexuality is matched by telekinetic super-powers, shy Thelma is forced to take control of her unruly impulses before it is too late. Joachim Trier’s (Oslo, August 31st) new film is a work of cinematographic perfection and directional artistry that explores the human soul and how a repressive environment impacts one young woman’s life. In a place where spiritual elevation is the only permissible outlet, to follow one’s desires is to take the rebellious path to an unknown destination.