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Dir.: Germinal Roaux | 106 minutes


Switzerland, Belgium 2018 | 106 minutes | French, Amharic | Hebrew, English subtitles

Fortuna, a fourteen-year old Ethiopian girl who has not heard from her parents since she arrived on the shores of Italy, is temporarily accommodated in Switzerland with other refugees in a hospice at 2000m above sea level. A community of Catholic canons (one of the priests is played by the magnificent Bruno Ganz), gives them refuge whilst waiting for their legal status to be sorted out. This is where Fortuna meets Kabir, a twenty-six-year-old Ethiopian refugee with whom she falls hopelessly in love. Their relationship develops, until the day when Kabir mysteriously disappears. Fortuna is a beautifully shot and elegantly helmed drama, which premiered at Berlin’s Generation category, where it won both the Youth and Main Jury Award for Best Film.