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The State I Am In
Dir.: Christian Petzold | 104 minutes

The State I Am In

Germany 2000 | 104 minutes | German, Portuguese | English subtitles

For the past fifteen years, Clara and Hans have been leading an underground existence, hiding among the anonymous tourists on the beaches of Portugal. They conceived a daughter, a girl who has never swapped clothes with friends, never skipped classes at school, camped out at lakes, gotten drunk, or broken up with her boyfriend in ice-cream parlors. A girl who is alone. The parents are just about to establish some sort of legal identity for themselves in Brazil, when a slight negligence causes everything to fall apart. Again they are on the run, which brings them back to Germany. Christian Petzold's feature debut, co-written with Harun Farocki, established him as one of the most interesting voices in New German cinema.