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Cold War
Dir.: Pawel Pawlikowski | 89 minutes

Cold War

Poland, UK, France 2018 | 89 minutes | Polish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Serbian | Hebrew, English subtitles

One of the most talked-about films of the past year, Cold War is a masterpiece that won the Best Director Award at the 2018 Cannes Festival and was nominated for three Oscars (Foreign Film, Direction, and Cinematography). The story begins in early 1950s Europe, against the backdrop of the Cold War, when Wiktor and his colleagues travel through the continent in search of new talent for his Polish state-sponsored folk ensemble. There, he meets Zula, a captivating young singer, and they quickly fall in love. But it seems that the politics of the era, combined with the protagonists’ different backgrounds and twists of fate, join forces against this love story. Will their love, as strong and genuine as it may be, manage to survive?