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The Boy and the Beast הילד והחיה

The Boy and the Beast
Dir.: Mamoru Hosod | 120 minutes

The Boy and the Beast

Japan 2015 | 120 minutes | Japanese | English, Hebrew subtitles

Following his mother’s death. Nine-year-old Kyota wanders down an alleyway when he accidentally lands in a parallel universe inhabited by talking animals. Kyota becomes the disciple of a famous and tough, bear-like warrior who takes him under his wing. Years later, Kyota, decides to return to the human world where he meets Kaida, a bright girl who teaches him how to read and write. However, being around humans again confronts Koyta with deep questions of identity and belongingness.

Japanese animation master Mamoru Hosoda tackles an array of human values with wisdom and sensitivity in this breathtaking, martial-arts fantasy, which takes us on a journey far beyond the aesthetic.