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The Chosen Ones הנבחרות

The Chosen Ones
Dir.: David Pablos | 105 minutes

The Chosen Ones

Mexico, France 2015 | 105 minutes | Spanish | English, Hebrew subtitles

14-year-old Sofia falls in love with Ulises, not knowing that this young man was sent to seduce a girl and abduct her to his family's brothel. When Sofia ends up in Mexico's prostitution underworld, Ulises's conscience troubles him and he decides to free her; however, to free Sofia he will have to seduce another girl.

The second feature film by Mexican director David Pablos (The Life After) approaches a highly charged topic with great sensibility and with impeccable cinematography and acting. Film critic Avner Shavit (Walla!) praised the film, writing that "the director successfully depicts a world that lost all humanity while avoiding sensationalism or provocation."