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Don't Blink - Robert Frank אל תמצמץ: רוברט פרנק

Don't Blink - Robert Frank
Dir.: Laura Israel | 82 minutes

Don't Blink - Robert Frank

USA, Canada 2015 | 82 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Robert Frank, one of the most influential figures in contemporary photography, was born in Zurich in 1924 and immigrated to the US after WWII. In 1958, he published his breakthrough photography book The Americans, which has achieved cult status. Frank then turned to filmmaking, and only in the 1970s returned to still photography. Since the 1990s, Frank has created numerous films and videos together with accomplished editor Laura Israel, his close friend and the director of this documentary. Israel presents a fascinating and thorough portrait of the great artist (now in his 92nd year) and his work over the years, employing a cinematic style that echoes Frank's characteristic rhythmic visual language.