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News from Planet Mars
Dir.: Dominik Moll | 101 minutes

News from Planet Mars

France 2016 | 101 minutes | French | English, Hebrew subtitles

Philip tries his best to be a good dad, a gracious ex, a pleasant colleague and a loving brother. The universe, however, has other plans for him. When his son turns into a radical vegan, his daughter, into a mad overachiever, and his sister decides to sell nude portraits of their late parents, Philip wonders whether something is amiss. But, when an unhinged colleague accidentally chops his ear off and then moves in with him, it becomes obvious to Philip that his world has gone topsy turvy.

Esteemed French director Dominik Moll (Lemming), stares directly into the seismic shifts in our society, serving up an immaculately-acted, existential comedy, laced with absurdity and humor.