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Nuts! ביצים!

Dir.: Penny Lane | 79 minutes


USA 2016 | 79 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

A story so farfetched, it can only be true. About 100 years ago, Dr. John Romulus-Brinkley set out to cure male impotence using goat testicles’ glandular transplants. Though vilified by the US Health Department, who could argue with scores of satisfied patients? Was he in fact a medical pioneer or were the sceptics right all along? Penny Lane’s and Tom Sylinski’s film has fun with its documentary style which combines animation, testimonials and archive footage. This narrative stays true to its subject, insisting not only on telling this outrageous story but also on how it ought to be told, including an ending that will leave you aghast. Winner of the Sundance Editing Award.