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Right Now, Wrong Then נכון לעכשיו, טעינו אז

Right Now, Wrong Then
Dir.: Hong Sangsoo | 121 minutes

Right Now, Wrong Then

South Korea 2015 | 121 minutes | Korean | English, Hebrew subtitles

A renowned director travels to the Korean city of Suwon to present one of his films. Realizing he had come a day early, he decides to explore the city and meets an attractive, young artist. The chance encounter turns into a full day together, complete with many conversations and stops across town. The film then restarts, only this time it is slightly different.

Korean master, Hong Sangsoo’s 17th feature offers two variations on the same romantic interlude where the differences lie in the nuances, the characters’ reactions, and the outcome. Hong continues to hone in his minimalist craft, using refined camera work, two convincing leads and humor, resulting in a brilliant, touching everyday tale.