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The Ardennes האחים ארדן

The Ardennes
Dir.: Robin Pront | 93 minutes

The Ardennes

Belgium 2015 | 93 minutes | Dutch, French | English, Hebrew subtitles

Four years after a robbery gone wrong, brothers Dave and Kenneth meet again. Dave had fled the crime scene, leaving his brother to take the wrap whilst he himself turned a new leaf. Kenneth meanwhile, does not begrudge his brother but at the same time, is keen on getting his help for his number one mission – getting back with his ex, Sylvie who was also the brothers’ partner in the crime which starts off the film.

The film, named after the wooden region of Belgium where it is set, is the first feature film by director Robin Pront – a dark, violent thriller about blood ties, family and masculinity, hailed by TwitchFilm’s Todd Brown, as “the next stage in Belgian cinema after Bullhead.”