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High Life
Dir.: Claire Denis | 110 minutes

High Life

Germany, France, USA, Poland, UK 2018 | 110 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Far away in deep space, Monte (Robert Pattinson), is raising his daughter on an isolated spaceship. Gradually, they realize that the ship is inhabited by prisoners on a mission with no point of return during as they are forced to undergo a series of sexual experiments conducted by a mysterious doctor (Juliette Binoche). In her first English-speaking film, renowned French director Claire Denis, continues to examine the complexity of human nature. Although leaning on the tradition of Kubrick and Tarkovsky, this futuristic drama crystalizes into an original work that combines meticulous design, spectacular cinematography, and a carefully-selected cast. Highly praised since its debut at TFF, it leaves no viewer indifferent to its lingering effect.