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Ville-Marie ויל-מארי

Dir.: Guy Édoin | 101 minutes


Canada 2015 | 101 minutes | French | English, Hebrew subtitles

A famous European actress (Monica Bellucci) arrives in Montreal to shoot a film. There, she reaches out to her estranged son who is living there and is determined to learn the identity of his father. Meanwhile, at Ville-Marie Hospital, a PSTD-stricken paramedic turns to a skilled, charming nurse for support.

In his second feature, Canadian director Guy Édoin has crafted a clever melodrama, featuring the stories of four characters, each with their distinct emotional baggage, whose paths cross during one long night. Édoin explores human complexity with sensitivity, combining a solid script with a formidable cast whilst paying homage to film’s melodrama masters – Sirk, Fassbinder and Almodovar.